Are We Genuine?


A question that we have heard more than ever is, "Are Discounted Sunglasses Legit?". The answer is a resounding yes. Yes we are. 

When it comes to buying online on a new website, there is a little apprehension. We understand that, that apprehension is amplified when it comes to buying designer goods at a discounted price. But be rest assured, we are legit and everything we sell is 100% genuine. 

Discounted Sunglasses is over 15 years old. Within this time we have created a network of trusted authorized dealers from who we purchase our products from. Our suppliers get each pair of eyewear straight from the official manufacturers. Therefore, the pair you get has come from the same place as a pair you can buy directly from the brand. Just a little cheaper. 

We generally buy past season stock, buy in bulk and because we buy from authorized dealers, our prices aren't dictated by the brands themselves. This little cocktail of operation allows us to set a fairer, and more importantly, lower price than what the brands set. That's why our prices are so much better. 

As a company, we're based in the UK. Essex to be exact. That means we have to comply with UK and EU law and have done every year we have been trading for. This means that it is illegal for us to claim our products are genuine and sell counterfeit goods. Simply put, if our products were fakes, we'd have been shut down long before now! 

Every product listed on our site is photographed in-house by our dedicated Product Photographer. So, every product you look at has been photographed in our photobox and is from our stock. They aren't manufacturers images and they are computer generated.

When it comes to customer service we take this very seriously and within our working hours, there is always a friendly voice on the other end of the telephone if you need us. If that's to help you with finding a pair of sunglasses, help with delivery or returns, or just want peace of mind that we are real people, just give us a call! Alternatively, we're pretty quick with our emails too. 

But don't just take our word for it! Check out our Trustpilot score. We have an incredible 4.9 rating from over 4,000 reviews. These are all reviews from previous customers who have been kind enough to leave us their thoughts. We send an email out about a week after an order is placed. This gives you time to get your sunglasses, strut about in the sun in them and know if they're perfect, or if you need to return them to us for free. We don't do review incentives (that's actually against Trustpilot rules), these are all the kind words that our amazing customers have taken time out of their day to write. 

Some more of the techy parts of why we're legit include having a HTTPS secure site. That's what the little padlock near the URL address bar means. It encrypts all the data that you put into the site as it journies to our system. Keeping it hidden and private away from attackers. Never shop on a site that isn't HTTPS secure. Luckily for you, we take this sort of thing very seriously and we are HTTPS secure. We are also ICO registered. We are VAT registered and have a registered company in the UK too. 


Award Winning Company 

In June 2023 we were awarded Online Eyewear Store of the Year 2023. This was an award where we were nominated by a third party in recognition of the service and work we do. We are overjoyed to be awarded the accolade by an independent body and is a testament to the hard work that each and every member of staff put in day in and day out to ensure our customers get the experience they expect and deserve.

Eyewear Store of the Year Award

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